Watch the garden grow

Fri 24 Jun 2011

Here's a link to a frequently updated Facebook photo album of the garden here at LP.

Pig Fodder

Wed 22 Jun 2011

The pigs have done a brilliant job of turning over their original field. So much so that we have to fence another two fields for them to work over. This field that they expertly rotavated with their snouts will be planted in the next couple of weeks with a pig grazing mix from Woodhead Seeds. It's a mix of cocksfoot, chicory, timothy grass, white clover and rye grass. A very good supplement to their diet.

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On a rare and well-deserved break from hard code last year, web guru Dorian planted up this bed in front of the artists residency at LP.

Can anyone draw any parallels between this lovely block of native foxglove (digitalis purpurea) and the Internet?!