Orchard finished!

Tue 28 Feb 2012

Lawson Park's new orchard of UK-wide heritage fruit varieties has been finished, with the last few trees from Irish Seed Savers - a heritage nursery in Co. Clare, from whom we have the deliciously named Cavan Sugar Cane, Keegan's Crab, Armagh, and Yellow Pitcher.

I've also pruned the trees that went in last winter and added a quince, Serbian Gold. 

Every tree has received ample well-rotted manure and / or garden compost, and we are trying a biogegradable fibre mulch mat around each to keep off weed growth for as long as possible.

Tomas, not helping in the orchard
Tomas, not helping in the orchard

Chips growing in the wild

Thu 16 Feb 2012

From potato guru Alan Romans we have ordered this year's seed potatoes for planting in the Paddies in early Spring. We like to use my nieces for the job as they don't seem to mind all the bending.

Here are the varieties we are growing this year:
Beauty of Bute, Cara, Highland Burgundy Red, Pentland Squire, Picasso, Red Duke of York, Sarpo Axona