Vanson/Davies Chair

Collection: When modernism goes bad

Category: Furniture

Date: c.1952

Designer: Peter Hayward/Laura Davies

Nationality of Designer: British

Manufacturer: Vanson

Manufacturers Location: London, England (UK)

Material: Rosewood

Dimensions: 87 x 51 cm

Purchase Price: £25


Dining Chair


Purchased from eBay by Adam Sutherland


Re-upholstered with Laura Davies' Nanling fabric.

Why it's in the Collection:

Bryan and Laura Davies first worked together at Grizedale as part of the Happy Stacking programme in China, creating two separate projects linked through the ethos of the program.

Laura reupholstered eight Vanson dining chairs for Lawson Park in a printed fabric that she had specially designed. It features drawings of the wooden furniture found in the ping fang houses of Nanling village in China where they spent 3 weeks with Grizedale in May 2008.

About the Designer/Maker:

Unable to find any significant information on Peter Hayward, he seems to have worked exclusively with Vanson, producing clearly high quality and of the time, classic mid - century modernism. His work seems undervalued and one of the few remaining easy to find and cheap designers of the period.

About the Manufacturer:

There is not much information available about Vanson, except that it may be the furniture production side of W.G Evans and Sons, an expensive Department Store.

Bibliography & Further information

Decorative Art 50s, Ed. Charlote and Peter Fiel, Taschen, 2008, ISBN: 978-3-8365-0310-5