Souvenir Coasters

Collection: Branded

Category: Furniture

Date: c.1970s

Material: Cork, printed card

Dimensions: 9.5 cm


Souvenir Coasters


Costa Blanca


None - good condition.

Why it's in the Collection:

Resorts like Benidorm and Candia became microcosms of 1960s and 70s architecture. These souvenir coasters scream 1970s, package holiday excess and optimism. Many suitcases were crammed full of these sorts of unusual kitsch souvenirs; such as flamenco dancing girls, matador dolls and velour covered bulls that decorated living rooms around the UK and collected dust for the next twenty years or so.

The coasters coincide with when the great British holiday abroad became an affordable option for the masses. Thousands flocked to destinations like Benidorm and Candia, attracted to cheap flights and predictably warmer climes.

These items in the Lawson Park Collection reflect the popular, heavily-marketed image - or brand - of the Costa Blanca, and in a way, relate to the tourist industry here in The Lake District.