'William Morris' Wallpaper

Collection: Branded

Category: Furniture

Date: c.2008 (original design 1870)

Designer: William Morris

Nationality of Designer: British

Manufacturer: Morris & Co.

Manufacturers Location: London (U.K)

Material: Paper


Wallpaper in the style of William Morris.


None - good condition

Why it's in the Collection:

According to William Morris' daughter May, the idea for this foliage pattern came from the willow trees growing near his house on the banks of the river Thames.

Morris and Co. are offering 'authentic' versions of these classic designs of William Morris alongside new interpretations. This wallpaper is representative of the current revival of the Arts and Craft aesthetic in contemporary design.

Over time, William Morris print designs have become status symbols associated with a wholesome, middle class lifestyle. His prints are an instantly identifiable 'brand' that embodies the current trend towards all things Victoriana, and as it did then, still embodies the Morris,'artistic home of taste'.

About the Designer/Maker:

William Morris (1834 - 1896) was born in Walthamstow, son of a wealthy city stokebroker. He was educated at Marlborough public school, then went to Oxford University.

Morris was a protean character - a designer, craftsman, writer, socialist and conservationist, he was instrumental in the development of the Arts and Crafts movement of the late nineteenth century. In the same year as he became apprentice to Gothic Revivalist, G.E Street in 1856, he founded the Oxford and Cambridge Magazine - a precursor to his later designs and theories on decorative art and craft.

In 1861, Morris founded the original Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Company, with friends, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Peter Paul Marshall, Philip Webb, Charles James Faulkner, Edward Burne-Jones. This firm still exists today as Morris and Co.

The style, if not the social ethic, of William Morris's work and the Arts & Crafts Movement is still alive and well. For example, the Laura Ashley aesthetic is a lineal descendant of Morris's rustic nostalgia.

About the Manufacturer:

For an extensive history of Morris and Co, please see the link to their website.

Bibliography & Further information

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