Bluebird bedside cabinets


Category: Furniture

Date: Circa 1940s

Designer: Unknown

Material: Oak, formica

Dimensions: Height 74cm x Width 33cm x Depth 34cm

Purchase Price: N/A


Two utility bedside cabinets


From a skip outside the Waterhead Hotel.


Replaced blue formica, otherwise good condition

Why it's in the Collection:

These classically utilitarian bedside cabinets were rescued from a skip outside the Waterhead Hotel. Fancifully imagined to have been from the room where Donald Campbell (1921 – 1967) had stayed before his fateful accident on Lake Coniston. The blue formica is a recent addition that references Campbell's Bluebird K7 vessel.

They are an example of how many of the objects in the collection are linked to local cultural history through association, personal anecdotes and sub-plot, regardless of any actual evidence or historical fact.


Bibliography & Further information

Donald Campbell's last record attempt on Lake Coniston

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