Squirrel wooden lamp

Collection: Fake

Category: Furniture

Designer: Unknown

Manufacturers Location: Germany

Material: Wood


Wooden lamp


None, excellent condition

Why it's in the Collection:

The german black forest's traditional craft cottage industry has been largely commercialized from an early age, playing into tourisms romanticized notions of a hunting lodge lifestyle and rural folk arts and crafts. What was originally a local craft that reflected the wood carvers socio-cultural geography, has now become a mass produced tourist novelty. In this respect, the lamp can be linked to one of the collections key themes of local and global relationships, issues of authenticity and style appropriation.

Recently, this style has experienced a rise in popularity due to an urbanites nostalgic dream for a 'rustic' rural getaway in the shape of a log cabin-style interior design.  


Bibliography & Further information

Instructions to make your own squirrel lamp from a magazine in the 1930s