Worcester Ware Bin

Collection: When modernism goes bad

Category: Metal

Date: 1960s

Manufacturer: Worcester Ware

Manufacturers Location: Britain

Material: Metal

Dimensions: Height 25cm, rim diameter 23cm


Metal waste bin with floral sgraffito-style decoration


Second-hand shop 


None, minor wear and tear 

Why it's in the Collection:

Worcester Ware bins and kitchenware became ubiquitous in the 1960s. Typically florid or in bright, playful designs, many like this bin blended a public appetite for bold modern design - bright colours or minimal lines -with a 'traditional' range of motifs. Popular designs included stylised flowers, Edwardian motorcars, Indian and Oriental subjects suggestive of Victorian Imperialism/mercantilism, and abstract compositions. This particular bin relates to the floral patterning applied to a plethora of Art and Crafts products, including those designed by W.G. Collingwood (1854-1932) for the Keswick School of Industrial Arts.