Fritsch & Jacobi Jug

Collection: Branded

Category: Ceramics

Date: Early 20th century

Designer: Fritsch & Jacobi

Nationality of Designer: German

Manufacturer: Fritsch & Jacobi

Manufacturers Location: Germany

Material: Glass, metal and wood

Dimensions: 29 x 13 x 13 cm

Purchase Price: €50


Patented glass jug with wooden handles and metal fastenings.


A replacement handle of plain pine has been fashioned in addition to the original 

Why it's in the Collection:

Part of the Pointless Patents section of the collection, this jug speaks to a growing aspirational middle-class at the turn of the century who would have been attracted by a two-in-one object for both formal and everyday use. The scallop shell relief pattern is a minimal indication of craftsmanship. The word 'Patent' is roughly inscribed on the glass below the rim facing the pouring lip. Its form also relates it to a Germanic tankard, and so the Lawson Parks "A Mug's History of Design" collection.