In the corner of paradise

"The Nature Trail Man" & the Merchant Navy Cadets tenant

"I am Angela Monkman who in the 60's lived in Lawson Park, then newly refurbished (1960's mode) for us (just after the Taylforths vacated it) as Angela Shepley, with my husband Alan Shepley. Alan was "the Nature Trail Man" and who as a result of his pioneering work at Brantwood in the 60's was invited to write a series of educational books by the late Robert Maxwell, then owner of Pergamon Press. This was at the time when Brantwood was also the HQ of the Lancashire Campaign for the Protection Rural England, run by Stanley Jeeves."
This was 1964. I joined Rusland and Satterthwaite Women's Institute whose president was I think Mrs Dickinson whose family still farm in Rusland. Airey's Butchers used to come round with their meat van regularly. Probably still do. It was a rural life and a very special memory now that the world is so Londocentric. I got a job teaching and we moved into Lawson Park in April I think of 1964. We were not in Coniston long as the Brantwood Trust had a change of thinking over their strategies and Alan went off to find another job in 1965, leaving a lot of good friends in this corner of paradise."

Angela also tells us that she planted some 'Paddy McCredy' roses in the garden at Lawson Park, which are sadly now gone but surely an excuse to replant some in her honour!