The Second World War

1940 – 1945 William and Alice Dinsdale – Arrived as newlyweds in 1940 - tenant farmers, mainly dairy cows and Swaledale sheep (introduced by them to replace the Herdwick flock)

They made their own Wendsleydale cow’s milk cheese, farming the land successfully before moving onto a bigger farm near Hawes. The milking parlour they built was partially intact before the renovations.

The Dinsdales also hosted 4 teachers (2 couples) from Bembridge School (temporarily housed at Brantwood) and 3 evacuee boys from Salford one of whom was called Walter.

William was in the Coniston Home Guard during this period



A small amount of anecdotal evidence suggests that the area was used extensively for wartime food production, and that many field systems that have long been laid to pasture were used for a wide range of crops. It is said that the local farmers resented the ‘under the plough’ Ministry directives, and considered many of the fields unworkable and dangerous for ploughing.