Stag Becomes Eagle
Juneau Projects: Stalker / Walkman/Lake (unmarked vhs)
Juneau Projects: Mobile Phone / Chipper
Juneau Projects, "Ban This" (unboxed VHS)
Juneau Projects: "Like waking..." (unboxed VHS)
TV Cafe (unboxed dvd)
Juneau Projects: 'stalker' (VHS)
Juneau Projects: 'like waking from a dream of incest feeling ruined forever' (unmarked vhs)
Jesse Rae Superserver Video / Cosmo / Ban This
Juneau Records
Juneau Projects: Art School Graduate
Like a wayside shrine to itself this sideswiped stag of the seven tines
File 01

Lawson Park Electronic Library is a Guestroom project for Grizedale Arts, designed and built by Dorian Moore