The Lakes

Danny Kavanagh may be bright but he is idle. The money from his giro disappears in the betting shop on the day it arrives and he's driving his parents round the bend.

So Danny leaves Liverpool behind him and takes off for the Lakes. On the way he meets Emma Quinlan. But before their destinies - and their bodies - become entangled, Danny finds himself a job as a porter in the franic bustle of a hotel kitchen. Run by the domineering, oversexed Chef, the kitchen is the hub of Danny's life, although Emma is to play an increasingly large role in it...whether his family likes it or not.

To their way of thinking, Danny is a good-for-nothing money waster. And they could be right. But there is another side to Danny: a selfless, heroic side, which emerges when tragedy strikes at the heart of a small Lakeland community. 

class, Cumbria, lake district, relationships
K.M. Lock
Jimmy McGovern
0140269657 (find on Amazon)

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