The Library Manifesto

The library will:

  1. Instigate connections and relationships hitherto unrealised for the benefit of reinvention
  2. Document and archive the local and lost
  3. Be a useful resource for learning and unlearning
  4. Be a hybrid of local and national, pointless and purposeful
  5. Be an active working social hub
  6. Exhibit, highlight and stage activity and interests
  7. Be complex, confusing, expansive and random
  8. Cause debate, provoke compliance and revolt and galvanise action
  9. Hold past, present and future, and pass them round a bit
  10. Be a shelter from the storm in a time of need
  11. Be a work in progress with no end but life itself

Lawson Park Electronic Library is a Guestroom project for Grizedale Arts, designed and built by Dorian Moore