Eat Out!

To attract customers, today s restaurants have to set themselves apart in more than a superficial way. These days, striking design concepts are not enough a restaurant should fulfill a thought-out concept that creates remarkable experiences for its diners. Eat Out! features an extensive selection of restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, and candy stores that aims to attract a discerning clientele with unique food experiences. The design of these establishments varies widely: from glamorous to minimalistic, from romantic to high-tech. The book not only describes the design approaches used, but also how these contribute to the overall presentation of the food. In Rough Chic, for example, dishes just like grandma used to make are served in an atmosphere characterized by natural and folkloristic elements. Thus, a calm ambience of familiar comfort and fond memories is created for a stressed-out public. At the other end of the design spectrum, The New Grand is made up of examples of sophisticated interiors in which exquisite food is served on premium tableware. Here, customers are welcomed into an inspiring world of splendid elegance, where nothing remotely resembles their daily routine. Eat Out! also examines in detail the different concepts that a variety of restaurants have for their food for example, a focus on certain dishes or an exclusive form of presentation ( one-dish menus ). In addition, the book documents unconventional events and installations in which collective food experiences that appeal to all of the senses are created by eating together in extraordinary places or by unusual serving methods. Eat Out! features international locations, concepts, and designers that deal with the world of food in a timely and surprising way. The book sheds light on current trends and future developments in restaurant design and the creation of exceptional shared dining experiences.

design, food
Shonquis Moreno
978-3899552546 (find on Amazon)

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