Hands-on Urbanism 1850-2012

Hands-On Urbanism 1850 – 2012 introduces another city history that raises urgent questions of responsibility from design through architecture and planning of cities. The protagonists involved to produce the city and enforce the right of green, are activists, architects, citizens, community organizer, refugees, researchers, teachers, immigrants, artists, teachers, and town planners. What can we learn from this city’s history, which replaces the conventional thinking in a top-down and bottom-up by a transversal model of action? The subtitle  “The Right to Green” a political claim, can be formulated, the Social and Ecological is not off against each other, but distributive justice, emancipation possibilities of action as well as access and use of resources in the city which critically discussed.

activism, Development, Planning, Urban
Krasny Elke
Turia + Kant Verlag
9.2 x 7.7 x 1 inches
Original Language

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