The Gardener's Assistant Vol. III

Part of the complete set of 6 volumes of the "Watson" edition of The Gardener's Assistant, dated 1925. There are a number of black and white photographs as well as 5 colour plates at the front of each volume. There are also fold out colour maps of garden plans. The Gardener's Assistant of 1859 was by Robert Thompson in a single volume of 774 pages. A new and enlarged edition was issued in 1875. The William Watson edition was "New and entirely remodelled" and first issued in 1900. Subsequently in 1925 William Watson published The Assistant in his own name. As Fredrick Keeble stated in his preface "this work an enduring memorial of his (Watson's) greatness as a gardener. It is right, therefore, that this book should be known by his name. It is true that Thompson laid the foundation of it: but it is no less true that Watson has re-built it, incorporating with skilled hands the new knowledge with the old."

Volume III covers: Fruits under glass, storing, packing and preserving, plant enemies and friends, and tools.

William Watson
Gresham Publishing Co.

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