Family and Community in Ireland is a pioneering study, not only in Irish terms but in terms of the development of the social sciences in the modern world.

Conceived during the Great Depression in the USA, the Harvard Irish Study (1931-1936) attempted to pioneer an integrated approach to the study of human society that drew on the disciplines of social anthropology, physical anthropology and archaeology. Family and Community in Ireland, based on two years spent observing local life in Clare between 1932 and 1934, is a world-famous social anthropological account of how a traditional rural society functioned in the early decades of the twentieth century.

A notable feature of Family and Community in Ireland is that its interpretations of how society operates were ahead of their time and in many ways pre-date later sociological insights. The Clare study asks questions about human society that have lasting significance and that are of contemporary relevance to us today.

Conrad M. Arensberg
Solon T. Kimball
Clasp Press
242mm x 165mm
1-900-545-13-6 (find on Amazon)

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