Into the Abysss

Into the Abyss... During my recent trip to Iceland, as I was stepping over volcanic fissures, crawling into dripping caves, pondering the ejaculations of ancient geysers and being enveloped in ethereal vapors I was struck by the PORNOGRAPHIC NATURE of it all. At the same time my need for total oblivion was paramount and I began to feel the murderous call of the LANDSCAPE. I need sexual/suicidal fantasies (text/images) involving the landscape to share in a seedy little magazine that I've decided to invent. (personally, I'm really turned on by caves and forests but being impaled, Goya-style, on a lava formation has truly revelatory possibilities) You can be anonymous if you like. I'm totally serious. I would like to strongly encourage illustrations A.G.A.P. (as graphic as possible). -adam

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Adam Putnam
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