The Henry Root Letters

Henry Root stands slightly outside the tradition of the English Man of Letters. He left school with one 'O'-level to continue his education in the University of Life. From 16 - 18 he worked as a fish porter in Billingsgate market before doing his National Service. On being demobbed he founded his own business, Henry Root Wet Fish Ltd, which flourished to the extent that he was able to sell it, in his own words, 'for a fortune'. Since then his achievement has been astonishing. He has written a novel (rejected by Jonathan Cape Ltd, Publishers), a play (where Sir Robert Mark turned down the star role), he was a photographer not without flair (though without prizes) and has made it his business to correspond with important people in all walks of life on the vital issues of our time such as the restoration of capital punishment, the need to crack-down on pornographers and Trade Unions and the necessity of halting the moral decline of a once-great nation. A cross-section of these letters is reproduced within his book.

Henry Root
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