Without Art I'm Nothing

What happens when you take twenty-nine teenagers from south west Wales, a couple of cartoonists, some of the most exciting art museums and galleries in the country and five of the most important ideas in contemporary art? Major insights, that's what.

Ever wondered what the real difference between men and women is or how you can tell if an elephant on the telly is a real elephant? Or maybe you've puzzled over the idea that there's no-one in the world quite like you or, maybe, everyone's exactly the same and it's just a question of knowing where to look...

Find out how these five fabulous and intriguing ideas pop up in the daily lives of the teen crews on the streets of Swansea, Tenby, Neath, Carmarthen and Maesteg as they fall helter-skelter through this tale of mobile phones, emos, Final Fantasy, ambition, sea and rain and the extraordinary Paradise club pictures.

art, Community, fiction, youth
Simon Grennan
Christopher Sperandino
Christopher Sperandio

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