Alternative Culture, Folklore, travelling shows and temporary constructions, TV and broadcasting, preaching, Religion and salvation, failed ideologies

Roadshow 2nd Place Prize Tag
Riiko Sakkinen
Electric God
Her Eyes and My Voice
Nada Con Exceso Todo Con Medida
An Anthology
Dan Fox
Cabin 01:
Corridor 8
Out of the Ordinary
Caves of fury.
The Gospel according to John
One Day Sculpture
Sally Taylor
Travels in Hyperreality
Black-box Recorder (Art Catalogue)
Scum of the Earth
The Book of Common Prayer
Nought to Sixty Issue 2
Los del Este / Eastenders
TV Cafe (unboxed dvd)
Boxberg Products (unboxed dvd)
For St. Agnes
The Confessions Saint Augustine
Ten Italian folk tales
Appendix Appendix
Schizophrenia and Outsider Art
Ritual Ride
The Koran
Kellyburn Braes
Curating New Media - Third Baltic International Seminar
Minerva Cuevas stickers
After the Gold Rush
Nought to Sixty Issue 6
World War 2 In Cartoons
New Arabian Nights
That's Motorsport (unboxed VHS)
Ryan Gander
To Have and To Hold
To Have and To Hold
A Book of Make-Up
Plans and Spells
Without Art I'm Nothing
Cabin 04: Mark Leckey
Minerva Cuevas poster
Character Creation Workshop
Jo's Journey
The Art Below
English Magic
The Believer
This Much is Certain
Moving Culture
The Strange Case of the Man Who Burned a Million Quid
The Doubt Guardian - Issue 1
Anecdotal Cardiff
The Best Of Life
Some Things God Wants You To Know And Do
Lucienne Cole Showreel 2004 (unboxed vhs)
Crustacean Fixation - Synko
Up In The Air
Playing Away UK
A Forgotten Kingdom
What it Does to You...
Keith Tyson
Oceania and the Philippines
Cabin 06: Jeremy Deller
The Harang-Utang Letters
Holiday in
Queries and Confessions
Video Acts
Live Culture
Jeremy Deller: Social Surrealism
Restoration Drama
The Arch-Conjurer of England: John Dee
Model Making In Schools
Stop and Go
Neat Stuff
Einladung zur Eröffnung
More than Local Sky
The Internationaler
Little White Feather and the Hunter
Indian Art
Melting Pot
Art, activism, and oppositionality : essays from Afterimage
Proxigean Tide
Anti Paintings
Social Club Review
Matias Faldbakken
God is Here - Let's Celebrate
Wide Shut
An elegy wrote in an English church yard
The Black Moss
TV Swansong mousemat
The Wicked Ways of Malcolm McLaren
Graham Fagen
The Campe-Fire Book
Power Plays
The Sutra on the Eight Realizations of the Great Beings
Come Immaginare
Pump Up the Volume
A Child's Book of Chaucer
The New English Bible
TV Swansong
What is Brain?
Iron Man (unboxed DVD)
Just Off the Motorway
Peilot Bardd
Cahier #3 Openbaarheid / Going Public
Double Road
The Prioresses Tale
Martin Heidegger
Social Club
New Religious Art 1992 - 2002
Late at Tate Britain: Grizedale Arts
The Philosophy of Andy Warhol
Flash at Hebburn
My Bad
The Witch Must Die
Guidebook : three manoeuvres by Tim Brennan in London E1
Reverend Ethan Acres - London Mission
A Christmas Carol
Spector Cut Paste
Billy Childish: A Short Study
Guy Bar Amotz
Conditions of Success
Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson
Hierogylphic Tales
Night of the Hunter
Nathaniel Mellors DVD Editions (unboxed VHS)
Nought to Sixty
Home Grown
Kiss Me Quick
The Penguin Book of Classical Myths
Jonathan Meese et Slavoj Zizek
The Second Virago book of fairy tales
Sample Minds: Materials on Sampling Culture
Understanding Television - The Story of TV, Past, Present and Future
Reading Room
printed project
The Crucible
Wonderful Visions of the Near Future
Prospectus: a manoeuvre
Dennis Oppenheim
The Gospel in a World of Conflict
Who's Afraid of Red, White and Blue? (Art - Dialogue - Education)
The Prioresses Tale, Sire Thopas, &c.
Pleasure Gardens (Metamorphoses and Mutations)
India Inclusive
Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum
The Virago book of fairy tales
On Humour
Get in...get out.
Panayiotis Kalorkoti : National Garden Festival commission 1990.
Look In - TV Annual
Songs & Routines
Juneau Projects, "Ban This" (unboxed VHS)
After Dark
Paul Rooney (unboxed VHS)
Bouwmeester Rapport 2010-2011
Independent State
Intervention / Decoration
Final Machine
Mysterious Britain
British Folk Art
Regenerate/Disintegrate/Create: The role of temporary public art in regeneration
This Too Shall Pass
One of Many
The Penguin Book of Limericks
Folk Tales of the British Isles
Electric Earth
Adam Chodzko
Wide Eyed and Legless
No Logo
We had the idea of repeating ourselves
An Exemplary Life
The New Oxford Book of English Verse 1250 -1950
Juneau Projects: "Like waking..." (unboxed VHS)
Electromagnetic Phenomenon
Puddings From Places
World Heritage - Qutb Minar & Adjoining Monuments
The Little Oxford Dictionary
The Canterbury Tales
In a Language You Don't Understand
Psychic Messages from Oscar Wilde
The Little Book of Welsh Meditation
Labour & Wait
Hieroglyphic Tales
A New Italian Reader For Beginners
Fresh Moves
Material : public works - the bridge 2000
Paradise lost : the poem and its illustrators
The Henry Root Letters
Curating and the Educational Turn
Religion and the Rise of Capitalism
A Dictionary of Superstitions
England's Dreaming
Nostalgia for the future.
Religion and the Decline of Magic
Shifting Map
Olaf Breuning: Home
Satan in St Mary's.
Born Under Saturn
Curio : disrupting the tourist zone
Talking Heads
A Public Auction of Private Art Works
Tokyo Ikebukuro International Art Festival 2006
The Seven Deadly Sins
The Unexplained
Art as Urban Strategy

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