Elvis: That's the Way it Is

Mr. Charisma from when he still had it! American hero! Big white jumpsuit with shiny bells!

It was a heart-pounding, pulse racing, mind blowing, fast moving, breathtaking, exhilarating, overwhelming, thrilling and exciting, sensational and tremendous, wonderful and superb show with all the TCB band playing terrific along to the one and only great Elvis Presley. Elvis's 3rd Las Vegas season since he made his live concert comeback in 1969 a year after his TV comeback.

Includes the seminal live performance of 'Suspicious Minds', often repeated on trad music tv station VH1. Bit of trivia: VH1 censor out the ad-libbed line "Shove it up your nose", found on the attached clip 56 seconds in.

Approx. run time 97 mins

Film & Video
drug culture, Music, musicians, performance
Warner Brothers
Elvis Presley
Denis Sanders

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