Four Exhibitions

Exhibitions held at HICA between October 2008 and August 2009; Peter Suchin, Richard Couzins, Alec Finlay with Alexander and Susan Maris, and David Bellingham, with essays by Peter Suchin, Lisa Le Feuvre, Colin Glen and Sarah Lowndes.

HICA is located near Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland. It is an experimental, artist-run space with a particular interest in Concrete Art, which also has a role as a public gallery, hosting exhibitions in an area where contemporary art is otherwise rarely available to view. 

Concrete Art was initially proposed in the early 20th Century as an understanding of non-representational artworks through their physical presence and properties rather than symbolic or other content. It has since developed in a variety of ways, where most often it´s stressing of the materiality of works has lead to explorations and engagement with context, both physical and cultural. 

Artist-Run Space, Concrete Art, HICA, Inverness, scotland
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