I'm From Hollywood / My Breakfast With Blassie

Andy Kaufman: I'm from Hollywood documents Kaufman's entire, but short, pro-wrestling career. Interlaced with live wrestling footage are interview snippets from Robin Williams, Marilu Henner, Tony Danza, and Bob Zmuda analyzing his actions and questioning his sanity. A huge perk of the video are the crowd shots in Memphis during this yearlong rivalry. In this giant comedic act, Kaufman willingly manages to stir up crowds of tens of thousands to a frenzied anger of hatred and bloodlust, all directed at him. But on whom is the joke? The sport of wrestling? The crowd? American sports entertainment as a whole? The home viewers? Sometimes it is hard to tell. One thing's for certain: in today's world of wrestling no one could pull off what Kaufman did in his day. It is truly amazing.

Approx. run time 60 mins

Film & Video
Andy Kaufman
Joe Orr

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