Nudie the Rodeo Trailer

One of the most beloved figures in country music, Nudie Cohn was born a million metaphoric miles from the birthplace of the hillbilly sound. His remarkable journey--from tailor's apprentice in his birthplace of Kiev, Russia, to America's undisputed king of Western wear--is lovingly documented in Nudie: The Rodeo Tailor by authors Jamie Lee Nudie (his granddaughter) and Mary Lynn Cabrall. More pictorial celebration than detailed biography, the book wisely lets the photos of his famous friends and his splendid suits tell the story; the accompanying text is light and breezy, providing a mere overview of Cohn's life and travels. An incredible range of actors and musicians appear, usually donning Nudie's one-of-a-kind creations. Supposedly the first tailor to add rhinestones to a Western suit, Nudie was as flamboyant as his gloriously embroidered, superbly studded garments. Like many immigrants to the States, this Russian-born Jew was clearly fascinated by the more mythic aspects of Americana--Hollywood, cowboys, and western music--and eventually became a unique part of Americana himself.

Gibbs Smith
Jamie Lee Nudie
Mary Lynn Cabrall
1586853813 (find on Amazon)

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