Juneau Projects: Stalker / Walkman/Lake (unmarked vhs)

Exhibition copy of two early films by Juneau Projects, from Romantic Detachment. For Stalker Juneau Projects employed a marksman to hunt down a video camera hidden in a forest. As the video unfolds, the 'stalker' comes into view taking aim and firing at the camera, and so the machine records its own demise. Walkman/Lake was made on Coniston Water, witnessed by a small audience of invited onlookers. A recording of Richard Strauss' late Romantic composition Metamorphosen played out of a Walkman, attached by a long cable to speakers on the shore. The Walkman was placed in a dinghy that Ben rowed out into the lake; when he reached the middle he slowly lowered the Walkman into the water, gradually replacing the sounds of Strauss' mournful strings with electronic crackle as nature took over the machine.

VHS. Labelled as 'juneau/projects/ stalker [0.58] walkman/lake [8.00]'.

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Juneau Projects

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