Whitstable Interiors

Whitstable Interiors is a photocopied DIY lifestyle fanzine along the lines of Sniffin' Glue meets Elle Decoration, by Adam Chodzko. The 'odd corners and damp patches' of Whitstable's domestic architecture and the dreams and aspirations of its long-time inhabitants and recent converts, displaced from the urban sprawl, constitute a series of cut-up interviews conducted by the artist. It's a familiar tale, an Aesop's fable of town and country and the prevailing sense of self dictated by one's environment. As Chodzko's title suggests, what we are really privy to, beyond the discussions of home d├ęcor, are the interior lives and desires of individuals: an appealingly localized re-take of Robert Smithson's Hotel Palenque (1969-72).

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