Naturalists' Lake District (A 'Dalesman' paperback)
The Lakes
Lake District Car Tours (Ordnance Survey Travelmaster Guide)
Wainwright in Lakeland
English Lakes Souvenir Playing Cards
The Plague Dogs
John Ruskin Vol 2: The Later Years (John Ruskin : the Later Years)
Voile Toile, Toile Voile
They Call it 'U-Boat Hotel'
The Lamp of Memory
Mountain Accidents 2003
The Vikings and Victorian Lakeland
Anna Best: Mountain Biker Audio Guide 18/00
The Red Earth
Mother Lode
Jo's Journey
Fernando Garcia Dory's Residency Scrapbook
Baddeley's Lake District
The Birthplace of Quakerism
The Lakeland Pedlar
Two Lakeland Townships
Cumbria Life no.116
Cumbria Life No. 136
Lancashire Life

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