Book of Ducks
Butterfly Book for the Pocket
Some British Moths
Birds of Hill and Forest
Fossils in Colour
Mushrooms & Toadstools
Explore and Enjoy Grizedale Forest Park
The Dictionary of Imaginary Places
Home Furnishing and Decoration
The New Illustrated Gardening Encyclopedia
The Practical Woodworker Vol. 3
The Practical Woodworker Vol.4
Interior Decoration
Household Repairs and Renovations
Goat Husbandry
The Practical Woodworker Vol.2
Lettering for Amateurs
The Well-Tempered Garden
Country Bazaar
Deer Stalking
Field Sports of Scotland
Collins Shorter Dictionary & Thesaurus
Atlas of Britain & the World

Lawson Park Electronic Library is a Guestroom project for Grizedale Arts, designed and built by Dorian Moore