Live it. J iyo!

“J iyo” described as a “street smart word used to express faith in life” is an empowering programme under the Asian Heritage Foundation supported by JSDF (Japan Social Development Fund) to create new livelihoods in Cultural Industries, involving the skilled but economically highly vulnerable communities of India. To build up social capital by organising the rural groups into revenue generating enterprises, with linkages facilitated between self-managed cluster level institutions and contemporary market forces, to set up artisan investment fund as economic capital and to build creative capital through “design-led skill development and training in management, are the aims of this project, the brainchild of designer Rajeev Sethi, whose entire life has been devoted to the welfare of Indian crafts. To be ecologically sustainable, traditional knowledge needs the crucial interface with design to reposition itself and enter the global market, and in the absence of this facility, time honoured traditional skills in India are dwindling or are lost.

craft, Cultural Herritage, India
The Asian Heritage Foundation
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