Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus

A captivating and compelling road trip through the creative spirit of the South featuring Country’ singer Jim White and his beaten-up Chevy Impala drifting past churches, trailer parks, prisons, truck stops, biker bars and coalmines to a superb musical soundtrack. Jim's roadside encounters with musical mavericks like the Handsome Family, Johnny Dowd, David Eugene Edwards, ex New York Doll David Johansen and Melissa Swingle add to the atmosphere with their live performances. Plus there's old time banjo player Lee Sexton; rockabilly mountain gospel choirs and novelist Harry Crews telling grisly stories down a dirt track. Everybody has a story in some form, invariably of sudden death, sin or redemption - yet all are transformed by the characteristic grim humour and natural eloquence of the Southern imagination. As David Byrne put it after watching its musical tour of another planet. Beautiful dark and weird stuff.

documentary, journeys, Music, musicians
Andrew Douglas

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