The Good Life

The Good Life documents a project by Emma Rushton and Derek Tyman, realised over six months at two sites in the Lake District in 2011.

In association with Lanternhouse Arts Centre, a cabin – a copy of writer Henry David Thoreau’s – was constructed in Miterdale Forest and employed as a dwelling for artists, writers and musicians.

A counterpoint to the cabin, The Good Life Stage, occupied a space at Lanternhouse. Painted with quotations by philosophers, writers and typographers it hosted a series of events and talks.

The Good Life includes resulting works by artists Janet Hodgson, Kwong Lee, David Osbaldeston, Steve Pool and Andy Webster alongside texts by speakers Lynsey Hanley, Virginia Nimarkoh, Edward Skidelsky and essays by Anthony Iles and Andy Abbot.

A 4 track CD by art rock band Die Kunst playing live on The Good Life Stage is included in the publication.

Henry David Thoreau, lake district, philosophy
Castlefield Gallery
Derek Tyman
Emma Rushton
210mm x 148mm
Original Language
978-0-9559557-3-0 (find on Amazon)

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